Etude House: Petit Bijou Baby Bubble Lotion and Body Wash

Got this Petit Bijou Baby Bubble trial kit from my previous Etude House loot. It so happened that it had been sitting for quite some time and only got a chance for the testing department until recently. I wanted to share this product because I just can't get enough of it and happy that I got to try the product out.

The Petit Bijou Baby Bubble Soft Body Wash - it had a very translucent liquid-ish form, it's baby powdery scent is very pleasant, I looove it . The scent is actually strong enough that I could smell it instantly even without opening the box yet. My skin felt light, soft and it had a slightly noticeable glow after shower. I have fair skin so actually sometimes I'm can't see the difference if the product helped lighten my skin or not but with Petit Bijou it seemed to have a certain kind of glow, it's minimal but visible. Plus, the scent (again) I just really love it.

With the Petit Bijou Moisture Body Lotion - it's a nice moisturiser specially if you'd like to feel and smell like a baby, haha. Though I have to give the points to the body wash when it comes to scent. Btw, I applied the lotion after shower the same day I used the body wash.

I loved both products and probably purchase again. These are obtained for free as gift from Etude House so I don't know the prices, I haven't checked but will do once I get to step out of my home (where I usually am). I'm planning to try other variants from the Petit Bijou Collection like the Allover spray or the Cotton Snow one.