'Baby Girl' Bucket Hat

Hey Hey, Hello there!

Nice to have you here. If you've read my blog a few days back you've probably seen my post about Neil's Kitchen (Check it out by clicking this link if you haven't seen it). Now I'll be sharing details of the outfit I wore while having 'merienda' at the beautiful place. Brands are tagged at the bottom of the post.

We've been having an intense heated up/sunny weather here and it hasn't changed as I am writing/typing... That said I wanted to wear something that's fresh and cool atleast. I went for a simple loose white shirt, moss green distressed mini shorts, tossed in a greyish taupe trench coat and white Keds sneakers. Yeah, it's hot and I decided to wear a trench coat despite the intense heat *facepalm. I don't care, I liked how it matches and gives oomph to the look plus I needed added protection against the sun so... (and if it ever gets too cold inside establishments, haha). Lucky that my trench coat wasn't that thick or else 'isa na akong basang sisiw' (I'll be drenched in my own sweat)...

Finished the look with a 'Baby Girl' labelled bucket hat, white strap gold body watch and a stone necklace given by none other than my 'bee-eff'. Contrary to other bloggers, I'm not that of a watch person... but looking at how the watch I'm wearing levelled up this look (I think? Lol) I might start wearing watches from now on.

Top Topshop | Shorts Damitan Fashion | Coat Vizaviz | Bag Claire's | Watch Tomato | Necklace Gift

Photo by: Patrick Divinagracia