Sudden Turns

Instead of just about the outfit for the description, I'd like to share a few thoughts for a change...

Life isn't perfect as how we hope it would be, most of the time our plans don't go the way we want. Once we've set "to-dos" for the day, we expect it to go smoothly or on track as much as possible... But sometimes this and that happens.

In my case, the sudden turn of events happens quite a lot, sometimes because things just don't work out or sometimes someone just needs a hand even when it's really late in the evening but can't wait for the next day but I'm already about to sleep, but then if it's about helping to carry someone's else's stress then help them, I shall. And for sure, there had come/will come a day when I needed/we'll need help from others too.

So whatever it is that had change your tracks, it's things that are meant to happen.. because like what others would say everything happens for a reason.

LBD bought from a store in Paseo | Necklace H&M | Watch Time Collection