Supermarket Beauty Buys: Face Masks Under PHP80

Hey guys, how’s your lives lately? It’s been a crazy hectic months for me.. Right now, I’ve been attending classes for 1 week straight and working on homeworks in between. Plus some projects for my previous classes that I have yet to do. That’s why I really need some pampering as soon as possible. Like some face mask to soothe and relax my facial skin.

These are affordable face masks that I picked on the racks of our local supermarket here in Santa Rosa, Laguna. I’ve tried Skinlite Brightening Essence Mask before and it was nice on the face. I started using face masks because of it, and wanted to try other face mask products. So let’s break down these three face masks I bought...

Skinlite Brightening Essence Mask cost at around Php 59.75.

A face mask I’ve used before.. I included this in the haul since I haven’t done a review for this face mask product. Plus, so my post looks like it’s actually a haul. Lol. Kidding. But this post isn’t a review post either I’m just sharing with you guys, giving a heads up to what would probably be in my next post. Soon I’ll be available to work on a in-depth review on each of these products since classes will be stopped for a month due to some unfortunate events.

Purederm Pearl Essence Mask - around Php 59.75

I haven’t tried theses two masks, I hope they’ll do me good.

Purederm Strawberry Yogurt Pack - Php 39.75

This one looks so cute, that’s why I wanted to try it out. Plus it’s cheap. But of course, we want it to work and benefit our skin. That I will know.

That’s all the masks I’ll be trying out and do a review (if it turns out well, lol). If you’ve tried any of these products, you might want to share your experience with me?

Til’ you visit me again, lots of love.