Reasons We Luv Jeans

Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans? It’s BASIC and ESSENTIAL. For the past few years before I donned in skirts and dresses I lived with jeans. Honestly, I rarely wore skirts or dresses before.  I've always been in a pair of convenient jeans, maybe because I grew up with boys. It’s such a blessing to have Levi Strauss invent the first blue jeans in 1873. So anyway, here’s a small list of reasons why I love denim/jeans.

1. It’s comfortable & convenient. It’s one of those stress free pieces (aside from shorts 😋) that would appeal almost anywhere I go, specially when working on errands.

2. Because it’s one of the most versatile piece of clothing, there are a lot of options to wear with jeans. You can wear it with a plain tee and your good to go. It can also be worn from day to night.

3. They are durable and last a long time. Even if it may be a bit gross, but jeans are one of the bottoms that you can get away with not washing after you wear them. (I am one guilty lady! ) But hey, the less wash your jeans go through, the more wear and tear they may take on. If wear and tear is your goal though, go.. keep washing your jeans.

4. Jeans can be worn by all ages and in any season. Toddlers to Lolas (grandmother in tagalog) can wear them! Coz’ one is never too old to wear jeans. They’re totally fine to be worn all year long, the seasons doesn’t mind.

5. When picking the perfect jeans you’ve got a variety of cuts, styles and fits to choose from. Ripped, high-waisted (like the one I’m wearing - ripped & high- waisted), skinny, boyfriend, boot cut, loose fit, slim fit… name it! There’s a jeans catered for your lifestyle!

6. Those jeans can get better as it grows older. Most of the time they get better with time!

7. Lastly, is its simplicity. For those days/most days when we can’t decide what to wear or lazy days.. It’s nice to have a pair of jeans you can pull out anytime to solve the problem.
Like every Sunday, I would come in jeans 80% of the time. Since today is another Sunday Family Day and we would go here and there after mass I need to be in a comfy getup. But this time I leveled the jeans a bit with Calgary Jeans from the @thedollhouseshop. They offer almost the most affordable joni jeans, boyfriend jeans and highwaisted ripped jeans.

Comfy Black Top @foxycherryshop | Sunnies @wearvintageph | Calgary Jeans  @thedollhouseshop 

See yah & God bless!