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Yesterday, an exciting collaboration with Clozette & Blogger Babes happened. The first ever asia launch happened in Kuala Lumpur.

What in the world is this Blogger Babes? It’s a network of women bloggers who primarily write about their lifestyle whether it’s food, beauty, fashion and travel. Their mission is to transform aspiring bloggers (like me! ) into social influencers who have the power to live life on their own terms. They offer solutions through blogger education and support through blogger opportunities, coaching and services.

My sexy friend Lystra, Clozette’s Regional Community & Development Manager & ClozetteINSIDER Editor opened the floor.

Heidi Nazarudin president & CEO of Blogger Babes, shares her blogging journey and shared some tips & advice for bloggers (and aspiring bloggers) on how to be a social media influencer. She talked about branding and sticking to it, being consistent with the look and feel of your blog, and many more. Attendees were able to get a free e-book on developing a media kit at the end of her talk.

Selfie with my seatmates and fellow bloggers. Both have been blogging way longer than me. On my right is Eleigh of Whatever Babe and on my farther right is Phylicia of Stylecentric.

The V&V Sisters (cutesyy), Vern & Verniece shared their story before blogging and gave out some notes about starting a blog. ‘Kapal ng mukha’ one of the things you’ve gotta have, specially when you’re wearing oh-so-fashionable clothes that people look at you and wonder why you dress up beautifully but you’re just in the mall or when you simply take yer’ #ootd, as Vern & Verniece said as a blogger you’ve got to stand out. I’m actually really shy by nature, but I worked it out somehow and just did my thing. Sometimes it would still hit, well it’s most of the time but I just got to fight it off.

I even got to win their book! Not just one but two.. first, by sharing a corny joke (coz’ I’m corny like so) and second, omg, dancing on the stage. Hiya much akooo buti nlng may freebie.

Dana Decena who made the day extra fun as she gave a lively talk. She gave a lot of advice as well, what you need when your starting a blog, how to handle brands and when to give negative reviews, being down to earth even when your on top and stuff.

Despite not being able to join us, her sister Cristina Decena made a video and shared some tips about vlogging. I had a great laugh from the two. Their channel on youtube: Partners in Vogue.

Q&A Portion with the inspiring beauties.


With my former Clozette workmate and one of the coolest girl I know. Missed you Nicole! (More photos to be uploaded)

To be honest, I was already in the midst of depression about blogging.. I had the thoughts of qutting coz’ of my schedule and stuff entangled with my life. That’s why I’m so thankful to be part of the Blogger Babes Asia Launch in collaboration with Clozette. There’s nothing like a dose of inspiring words from successful people. Having a support system is also a key to keep you moving forward and that applies to all aspects in life.

Thank you Jara babe for inviting me! Hope to see my clozette girls soon.

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