Salute Streetstyle: Linear Overkill

The two of us (me and my beloved) support brands in the local scene and like seeing them at malls and fairs. One day we got inspired and decided to create our own brand. That marked the birth of Salute Streetstyle. And so of course, this time I’m featuring the brand founded by me and my beloved, Salute Streetstyle.

Salute Streetstyle started with headwear products, materials are sourced in the Philipines and the product is assembled by our fellow Filipino hat makers. Aside from being a local brand, we wanted it to be a brand that reminds us to respect oneself & others. That one should be proud of how they live and style themselves.

I wore the Salute Streetstyle striped eyelet crop top, Salute Streetstyle buck black five panel hat and this black shorts altogether. This top is actually our first and currently one and only piece for women, which we haven’t promoted. You guys got the first dibs!!

Hell yeah, faats! We beg your pardon, lol

It’s not very visible in my photos but the cap has white diagonal lines in it. My top, my cap and even my shorts have lines but thankfully matching them came out nicely.

Btw, if you’ve been viewing my blog or my ig since way back you’ve probably seen me in another Salute Streetstyle cap already.

Were working on more cool stuff for you guys so I hope you could like our page on facebook Salute Streetstyle & follow us on instagram @salutestreetstyle. Best if you’ll (ahemm...) buy (*cough)...