Etude House: Color in Liquid Lips Beauty Review

Hey! I got to try the Color in Liquid Lips from my previous Etude House Haul (check out the post by clicking this link). Etude House’s new line of lippies was released this year for spring and summer. I first heard about the product through the newsletter sent by etude house, it was probably late December or early January. I don’t quite remember when exactly and I’ve accidentally trashed Etude’s email (boohoo). It was around February to March when other bloggers started to blog about the product. Now, it’s my turn to share my thoughts.

Without any lipstick on.

First.. What is Color in Liquid Lips?
Color in Liquid Lips fills the lips with a light and smooth texture for vivid color and a transparent shine. Color in Liquid Lips is a melted liquefied lipstick with intense color and high shine that gives off a provocative yet lovely sheer lips. Its cushiony water-sliding texture helps make lips look supple and hydrated.

What it claims to do?

  • Lovely splashing color: Vivid colors like melted liquefied lipsticks make delicate and supple lips. (Exclusive "One-Touch-Color" technology is applied to express vivid color with one touch)
  • See-through glossy lips: Smooth water-sliding texture cares lips lightweight, glossy, and non sticky. (Water-Sliding: Light and non-sticky texture for cushiony and sleek application)
  • Long-lasting hydrated lips: It contains Sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil to coat lips comfortably and smoothly long time without getting dry.
(info from

I bought two out of the twenty other Color in Liquid Lips line. This one is #OR202 Peach In Dream.

The lipstick comes in a tear drop shaped applicator with a hole in it.

This shade did give a peachy color to my lips. I did like the texture when I applied the lipstick, it wasn’t sticky as usual lipsticks. I think this orangey shade is new to me so I was a bit shocked by its color on my face. I was able to work with it by letting the product set and slightly tapping my lips with a tissue paper to reduce the color.

The other shade I bought is #BE102 Beige in Chic.

I also liked the color even though I haven’t applied it on my lips.

And loved it moree when applied. I’m not sure but I think this color suits me better than the shade earlier. This one is a lot more vibrant and compared to the other one, it’s less drying and it’s easier to spread the color evenly on the lips.

Swatchieee... swatchie.

Overall, the Color in Liquid Lipsticks did give lovely splashing colors. These lipsticks are really pigmented. It gives of just a right amount of gloss but slightly mattefies after a few hours. It’s nice that the lipstick is lightweight and I didn’t feel much stickiness. It didn’t dry up my lips but my lips were already a bit dry from late nights and lack of water so I assume that the product is best applied after a lipbalm or when the lips aren’t chapped and dry.

The Color in Liquid Lips tend to get lost upon grabbing a meal and drinking so we’ll need to re-apply like how lipsticks usually are. I’m fine with that but I’m usually lazy with retouching my make-up.

I’ve used both lipstick shades for about 2-3 times and I did like it. Will I buy again? I would say yes and I’ll probably try other shades but I’m shifting to lip stains instead of lipsticks since I find lip stains to last longer than lipsticks. I’ve read a blog that Color in Liquid Lips is also a lip stain, not sure if it is a lipstick or a lip stain. Please enlighten me.

Here are the other shades available (from The colors look so lovely, makes me want to try all of them...

I bought my Color in Liquid Lips loot from the Etude House Festival Mall branch for Php 598.
Rating: 4/5

That’s about it! Btw, featuring Yhansy in the photo above. Lol. Hope you guys got something!