Micadventures: First Boracay Trip | Day 4

This post completes my trip to Boracay. I may have flooded my instagram account with several pictures of me and Boracay, please forgive the kid in me who got too giddy and took several ootd’s in Bora. I was just really happy because as I’ve said in my first day post I only got to see Boracay for the first time in 20+ years.

I woke up past 8 in the morning, I think.. and in like three more hours it was time to check out of the hotel, and in another two hours we’d be waving goodbye to Boracay.

Hat & Top The Landmark | Bikini Bare Fashion PH | Shorts Bershka | Strappy Sandals Rydax Footwear

Patrick, Justin and I were able to walk around a bit and take some of my ootd’s.

This crocheted top with fringes I bought from The Landmark is just fabulous, I think it costs at around Php 400+. Way back (2 years ago) when I was still working in makati, I would usually pass Landmark and sometimes browse over the stuff they’re selling. One time my mom and I went to Makati for reasons I’ve forgotten I saw this crochet top and wasn’t sure if I should get it or not. Good thing I did. It’s just cute. I got it together with the top from my other Boracay post.

Heart-shaped sunglasses from @djcollezione!! Lovin’ it too much I wore it again and again. The shorts I’m wearing.. It’s such a steal! Got it from Clothes Buffet Manila (read about it here). And my bikini peeping through my crochet top from @barefashionph.

Something to add to my Boracay souvenirs, handmade and hand-assembled wire rings. They were a lot of stalls selling these, they’ll form the wire into the name/word you want and have it in a ring, necklace or bracelet. In 10-15 minutes you’ve got your personalised handmade accessory. The prices actually differ from stores, the first one I approached offered it for 80 pesos each, while the guy who made these rings I’m wearing only sold them for 60 pesos each.

Trivia: The wire they used in making these rings are the ones used in dental braces. (Information from the tindera I first approached)

After check out we left our baggages at the hotel’s storage for the meantime while we wait for our pick-up time at the hotel. We had lunch at Reyes Barbecue, and I don’t know if it’s just me but the food tasted a lot better than the Reyes Barbecue branches in Manila.

I went off with Patrick to buy some souvenirs. I chose these ball pens because look! They’re cute! Haha.

I already bought some the other night, I bought some pens at D’Mall for Php 100 for 5 pcs. I got a bit frustrated because I saw a different store in D’Talipapa which sells the pens for Php 100 for 6 pcs. Hahaha. But that’s how life goes, so I must accept and move on.

By 1:30 pm we left the hotel and rode the multi-cab to the port were we took a mini-ferry that dropped us to another port (I forgot the name of the place) and then we took a bus going to Kalibo Airport. We arrived in Manila at 9pm. Wohoo!

The experience and all this, thanks to my friend Armin of DMNJ Travel & Tours. I wish I could have stayed longer... I wish I could go somewhere else as well.

That’s the thing when you travel, it’s like you don’t want to stop, you would love to visit places. It makes you say, where to next?

Feel free to watch the video of my whole trip below.