Glitzy Pink: Collared Blouse Ensemble

Finally, after 3 weeks Patrick & I got to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday. Could’ve watched it earlier but couldn’t because of my sprain and we got busy when I was able to walk again. (Sorry for being late...)

My face loooooks @.@.... Hahaha.

So happy to see Chris Evans as Captain America again! ( Yeah, I like the captain... :3 )

I won’t be sharing my insights regarding the Avenger movie coz’ I am no movie critic, nevertheless I enjoyed the movie.

Bought this top online from Glitzy Pink long ago when it was still Glitzy Pink, they’ve renamed their store to Bianca. I usually see their booth at popular bazaars (Trendsetter, Manila Sundance...)

Top GlitzyPink | Skull Necklace Penshoppe | Bag Kenneth Cole Reaction
Thank you Patrick for waiting for my sprain to heal so we could go see the movie together... also thank you for the day!