Carbs & Cals Restaurant and Cafe

There was a time when me and my family had dinner on one of the Chinese restaurants here in Santa Rosa Laguna. We've been there a couple of times, but on that certain night I saw this new restaurant opened just beside it. Yes, it’s Carbs & Cals Restaurant and Cafe.

I wanted to try it out on that day but my family chose the Chinese resto instead. :( I like Chinese food so that was fine with me.

Though I made up a mission to try it out one day, I actually wanted to try it with Patrick - the boyfriend.

Then finally one day, after our few errands for business last Friday. I was able to drag Patrick to try the Carbs & Cals Restaurant and Cafe for Dinner.

The restaurant is not that spacious, I think the tables are estimated at 6-7 in total. But then the interior of Carbs & Cals is nice, feels cozy and really relaxing. Also, we were the only customer at that time from the moment we entered til’ we left the place. It looked like we reserved the place! Hahaha. Definitely  a lovely and sweet date for us. Haha.

The best part!

We ordered a pork sisig rice meal.  (P85)

The Chicken Cordon Bleu (P295)

The Creamy Carbonara (P145)

French Fries for FREE, they had this promo posted in their table free onion rings for a total purchase of P250? I’m not sure but yeah.. anyway, the onion rings probably run out so they gave as fries instead of the onion rings.

For me, the best meal I tasted by far was the Pork Sisig, it had a different taste compared to other sisig I’ve tasted before. I would definitely go back for the Sisig. The Chicken Cordon Bleu tasted okay, not that bad. Carbonara has always been my favourite, their Creamy Carbonara somehow satisfied my pasta cravings but I wish it was a bit creamier. The fries is well, it’s free and it feels POTATO! Real potato... Haha. You know? :) Potato. :) It’s yummy, and I guess healthy, not like the one you buy at McDonalds. Don’t get me wrong I love fries! Even from McDonalds.

Patrick liked the food there. So atleast, we have another go-to food places near my home.
Btw, I’ve seen other good reviews for Carbs & Cals Restaurant and Cafe. So if you’re planning to visit Santa Rosa, particularly Enchanted Kingdom and looking for a place to eat you can try the resto out.

Carbs & Cals Restaurant and Cafe
Brusmick Place Bldg. Balibago, Sta.Rosa City, Laguna (near Enchanted Kingdom)Santa Rosa, Laguna

Anyway, here’s a tally/ranking for Carbs & Cals Restaurant and Cafe to conclude...

  • Ambience: 4/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Drinks: N/A (Just had water)
  • Service: 5/5