Farm Foodies: A Delicious Surprise, Tagaytay

I went out with my parents, just me and them without my brothers to Tagaytay. My parents run a Photobooth service (Party Treasures) and we went there to meet-up with Towns Delight.
While on our way, we passed by The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop, i believe a lot of Pinoy's know about it, their buko pie sell like pancakes!

So, since a lot of people were buying my mom had to have her name listed. They don't allow reservations or such, you have to be willing to wait. We didn't want our effort and chance wasted, even if we just live in sort of close by. My dad was the one who spontaneously chose to eat at Farm Foodies, the new (i'm not sure if it's been there for a while, looks new to me!) restaurant just beside the buko pie shop. (Btw, I hoarded some chichapops on that store too. Ughh, I shouldn't I so love chips, if you're not familiar with the food, i'll share a pic sometime)

Farm Foodies the Filipino Kitchen, obviously offer Filipino Food. And I admit, I am not a fan of Filipino food even though I am 100% Pinay. (I'd rather eat pizza)


We only ordered three dishes. Crispy Sinigang, Pinangat na Isda and Bagnet Salad (the bagnet was my choice).

What can I say? Well, I don't think words are enough to describe how yummy and savory these were. I loved them all (take it from someone whose not into Pinoy food, but everyone has different tastes so I'm not sure with you). My parents and I were really happy with our meals. I specially enjoyed the bagnet.


Look at the jar!


Took me a while (1234134 seconds, kidding) to realize it was my water to drink. I thought it was a decoration of some sort added to my table. (Lol, Silly Me-ca! :P)

I loved not just the food but the place as well. I liked their bamboo walls and their chairs and tables. It's my kind of place.


That's the bamboo entrance to the restaurant.

The Verdict: I am totally going back! I do hope that when you go to
Tagaytay, you'd get a chance to eat here too. (And.... They also have an ice cream parlor downstairs)